Stream Futako Tamagawa art project

Completion 2015   Futako-Tamagawa  Tokyo

Artist : Peter Fend, NY  /  Title of Art : Japan Local Water

Architect : Suguru Kouda  /  Art direction : Mars Gallery (Shiki Fujimori, Kozue Watanabe)  / Produced and organized by Matt S. with Mic Azuma’s assistance

Stream Tamagawa’s public art began with the introduction of a legendary artist, Peter Fend by Mr. Shiki Fujimori.

Until the completion of the project, hundreds of e-mail transactions are exchanged between Tokyo (Matt) and New York (Peter & Kozue) .

The most difficult issue was to find the way of representing the “Map Cut-up Art” made with thick paper in the semi outdoor location.  >> Representing the “paper” map art as is was a stubborn request from the artist.

After the intensive research, we encountered this remarkably innovative liquid “Flolosurf”.   It’s the clear “Fluorine Agent” that immediately convert paper or similar materials into the water-proof material just by coating over it.

This fluorine agent vaporize momentarily but the fluorine particles, at the same time, immediately cling over the fiber of pulp to protect from water without changing an appearance of or giving any damages on the material.

Another difficult issue was to find a method to cut out the aluminum and polycarbonate panels as same shape as the art in the suitable sizes.  >>  the aluminum panel is used for the backer protection and the transparent polycarbonate panel is for the protection coverage.

The art is huge, so we could not find any scanning machine in Japan to scan the actual sizes of art works in the precise scales !!

Peter’s artist friend, Tom Otterness kindly supported us to make the AI Data for the actual sizes and shapes of the work in NY.   According to this Data sent from Tom,  Mic Azuma perfectly organized all the direction drawings and, in cooperation with the Kodera Metal Corporation, proceeded the laser-cut operation of the aluminum and polycarbonate panels.    It took 2 days to install all the art pieces on the building wall and took over 5months to complete the entire project from the beginning.

Every processes had to be done very meticulously and it was an amazing project realized by the amazing team.