The Wall

Completion 1990   Nishi Azabu, Tokyo

This Post-Modern architecture, “The Wall” was initially proposed by the architectural producer, Mr. Sy Chen in a collaboration with British architect, Mr. Nigel Coates for the Nishi Azabu building project in 1988. The concept of the architecture was “A Future Unification of the Past and Present”.

The Wall represents layer of elements from different time periods.   — Ancient “Roman” wall, 19 century industrial steel screens, and futuristic figures of sculptures … all those are combined together to reflect the past into the future.

The Wall is also comprised of 3 vertical layers of different materials (:  massive steel screen, masonry brick wall and  modern glass curtain wall) are bonded together by the beautiful cantilever beams.  This unique structure also features a steel spiral staircase stitched through the facade.

As the Head Director of the owner company, I was honored to coordinate the project team and organized this complicated processes of the project.

Producer: Sy Yu Chen / Architect: Nigel Coates (London) / Artists: Tom Dixon, Jessica Thomas etc. /  Project organizer: Matt S.