Fleuve Tamagawa

Completion 2016  Futako-Tamagawa, Tokyo  RC Structure    Full renovation

Architect : Suguru Kouda, Hiroto Nagamori

This building is located in the redevelopment area of ​​Futako Tamagawa. The owner bought an old warehouse and asked us to renovate it into a commercial building.  The building is RC Structure, so that it required a lot of structural observation and calculation to fulfill the owner’s requests.   In order to appeal the retail store space towards the street, we had to expand  the windows on the 2nd & 3rd floors and also the entrance area of the ground floor.  We designed an Cafe Terrace right next the widely expanded entrance which made it easier for customers to enter from the sidewalk.   From the beginning, we closely worked with Mr. Teruyuki Kondo (Apartment Inc.) and the design team of the outdoor brand NORTH FACE (GOLD WIN) who leased out the entire space of this building.