Nagasao-tei 長竿亭

Completion  2015  Kawachi-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture    Renovation of wooden structure house

Located in the center of Kawachi-machi, Ibaraki Prefecture.   “Nagasão-tei” is uniquely owned by the partnership of a private restaurant producer and the City of Kawachi-machi which owns this historical building and the property.   We reinforced the structure and add a minor renovation to this old beautiful Japanese-style house which was donated to the town, and converted into the eatery, meeting and event space.

The restaurant producer (a partnership owner) is also well-known as a Japanese soba chef in this region and his “Soba” is just exquisitely delicious !!   This Soba restaurant project absolutely became a splendid “Dynamo” to rejuvenate this rural small town.