RC-Z Construction System

The above diagram shows the basic structure of the RC-Z system.

The reinforced concrete wall unified with the 60mm-thick insulation panel, that doesn’t allow any air come in between the concrete and the insulation, however the dew condensation is not generated.

In addition, there is NO wood form panels are used for the RC-Z framework.  The “RC-Z Insulation Panels (pink and white panels in the above diagram)” and the “RC-Z Glass Fiber Panels” are substituted instead of wood form panels. — The “RC-Z Glass Fiber Panels” can be reused over and over and  the “RC-Z Insulation Panels”, used as the form panels, are kept attached on the concrete walls after the concrete is dried. >> Therefore, no disposable materials are used on this system.

We closely work with JET Construction Co. that is the firm originally invented and developed this RC-Z  construction system.  The system has the highly advanced characteristics as follows:

1)  Reasonable cost,

2)  Shorter framework construction time

3)  No disposable as the wood form panels

4)  High insulation performance

5)  NO dew condensation

The RC-Z insulation panel can be used either as the outside or inside form panel.  (RC-Z glass fiber panels are the same)


Glass Fiber Formwork

RC-Z system obtains “warm in winter” and  “cool in summer” by blocking the outside temperature.

Representative projects we’ve used the RCZ system are as follows.

Parklane Koenji

Parklane Sannou

T house

Scratch house